The Performer

Completed for:
Coppice Performing Arts School
Ecclestone Road, Wednesfield
WV11 2QE
Completed by:

In 2012 Signs Now was delighted to work alongside a collaborative group of artists - collectively called Project Dandelion to produce a number of items of signage conceived and designed by the arts students working alongside the professional artists.

One project was labelled as The Performer and was inspired by Mick Thacker:-

"Finding a form that encompassed all of the elegance and grace that captures the activities within Coppice Performing Arts School proved a real challenge. While wanting to refer to the performance specialism I also felt it important not to exclude any one single art form."


Ribbon Dancing has been practiced for over 5000 years but is little known in the west. The activity can be undertaken by individuals or groups to musical accompaniment or without, you require little technology but the simplicity of space. It is a unique activity that straddles gymnastics and dance, music and movement. The form of the dancer and ribbon become one creating a poetic and subtle gateway work.

During daylight hours the reflective material echoes the weather conditions that abound. By night the sculpture transforms into a silhouetted form that is haloed by white light, creating a theatrical and fitting welcome to the school.

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